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    Developing beginner-level young learners’ reading skills in Kazakhstani public schools
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2020-12-25) Karakat Dauletkyzy
    This dissertation focuses on examining how English teachers develop reading skills of primary EFL learners in public schools in Kazakhstan. This qualitative study was carried out using semi-structured interviews with 15 English teachers working in primary public schools across Almaty, Kazakhstan. The findings suggest that a lot of English teachers use the phonics method to teach reading to primary school learners. Teachers find the phonics method to be more effective than other methods. The results of the study indicate that teacher training and gaining experience in the primary EFL classroom play the biggest role in teaching reading better. Teacher training programs should pay more attention to teaching methods aimed at primary EFL learners. The phonics method should be part of the English teacher-training curriculum.
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    Gaps in EFL Achievement, Proficiency and Classroom Behavior among students with Kazakh versus Russian Language of Instruction: Evidence from rural public school in Kazakhstan
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2022-06-24) Aigerim Sadykbekova
    The study is devoted to how English is studied by students whose language of instruction is Kazakh or Russian. I use administrative data from a rural school to explore differences in English achievement, proficiency, and classroom behavior of students who study in Kazakh and in Russian. My findings show that there are small gaps in these three aspects. While Kazakh-language students tend to have higher achievement grades, their proficiency is not much higher than that of Russian language students. Classroom behavior-wise, Kazakh language students talk less during class compared to their Russian language counterparts.
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    Overcoming Language Learning Plateau: EFL Teachers’ Perceptions and Practical Recommendations
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2022-06-24) Dinara Utegulova
    This study explores EFL teachers’ perceptions of the language learning plateau and identifies the recommendations teachers have for overcoming it. Thematic analysis is used to analyse the data from ten English teachers who teach students from intermediate to advanced levels. The findings show that there is a lack of awareness of the term among EFL teachers, yet the idea of the plateau is familiar. Surprisingly, some teachers are found to be in the plateau themselves. This study also discusses the issues teachers are struggling with, and some useful strategies they use to help students move beyond the plateau.
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    Using ICT Applications in EFL Teaching: Challenges and Experiences of Novice vs. Experienced English Teachers
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2022-06-24) Akniyet Yermekkyzy
    The aim of this research is to investigate the challenges and experiences of novice vs. experienced English teachers in using ICT applications. The data was gathered through semi-structured, in-depth interviews as part of a qualitative study. The qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis. The participants of the study are 20 novice and experienced English teachers of secondary schools. Thematic analysis of the data found that the biggest difference between novice and experienced English teachers is in the variety of ICT applications used, since experienced teachers use government-mandated applications, while novice teachers use different applications, and as well as government-mandated applications. Other than that novice and experienced teachers’ experiences and challenges turned out to be quite similar. EFL teachers use ICT applications for various purposes, but most commonly for lesson preparation. The challenges of both teachers were a lack of technology-supported pedagogical courses and a lack of time due to lack of internet connection and technical infrastructure. Implications for future research and recommendations for practice are provided.
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    Teachers’ experiences of, challenges, and attitudes towards using mobile applications for teaching English as a foreign language in Kazakhstan
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2022-06-24) Temirbek Tangirbergen
    The study aims to explore Kazakhstani English language teachers’ attitudes towards mobile applications, their experiences, and challenges in using them. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 20 EFL teachers who work in private and public secondary schools and universities in Kazakhstan. Thematic analysis of the data suggested that EFL teachers’ views on teaching English with the help of mobile language learning applications are overall positive. The data revealed that the EFL teachers use various mobile applications in teaching English. The findings suggest that the EFL teachers value availability and student engagement offered by mobile apps. The challenges of using mobile apps tend to be beyond teachers’ control and include internet issues or lack of equipment. Policy implications for teacher training and professional development are discussed.
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    Digital storytelling in EFL teaching in Kazakhstan
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2021-06-18) Nazerke Bakyt
    The purpose of this paper is to study the use of digital storytelling in teaching English as a foreign language in Kazakhstani educational institutions. To examine English teachers’ experiences, practices, and attitudes towards using digital storytelling in the teaching process, we utilized semi-structured interviews. The study was conducted among in-service early career English teachers working in public and private secondary schools. The findings suggest that English teachers use digital storytelling in their teaching but not very frequently. Study participants also indicated that they would benefit from additional training and experience with using digital storytelling as a teaching technique in their work. According to the participants, the main barriers to using digital storytelling in the classroom are the lack of technology, teachers’ methodological preparation, and time limitations. Despite these barriers, the teachers who participated in the study appreciate the substantial benefits of using digital storytelling in teaching English such as enhanced opportunities for developing students’ speaking skills, creativity, and critical thinking.
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    The use of ICT in EFL classrooms: A case study of a community college
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2021-06-18) Aigul Akan
    This study was conducted to determine how ICT is implemented in EFL teaching and learning in vocational educational institutions in Kazakhstan. The author has designed a questionnaire to examine the use of ICT in EFL classes and in private language learning. The questionnaire uncovers how teachers and students use ICT tools in the process of EFL learning and investigating, the main barriers and blind spots in ICT integration in EFL training in vocational educational institutions of Kazakhstan. The dissertation provides insight into how ICT applications are used in the EFL classrooms at Kazakhstani vocational education institutions; explores the digital competences of EFL instructors; and examines student-faculty cooperation in the EFL classroom.
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    Readiness of Junior English Teachers for Implementing Inclusive Education in Secondary Educational Institutions in Kazakhstan
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2020-12-25) Albina Oralbay
    The purpose of this research project is to examine the readiness of junior English teachers for the implementation of inclusive education in Kazakhstan. I study the challenges of junior English teachers in working with children who have special needs in Kazakhstani secondary schools. I also explore what could be done to address these challenges of inclusive English teaching in Kazakhstan. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six junior English teachers who have had experience working in inclusive classrooms across Almaty public secondary schools. The findings suggest that despite having overall positive attitudes towards implementing inclusive instruction of English, junior teachers lack relevant training and resources that would enable them to successfully teach students with special needs. Based on this study, the lack of special education-oriented training could be addressed by introducing inclusive education courses in teacher training curricula and in professional development programs.
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    Developing students’ grammar skills using “Learning English grammar tenses” application at the intermediate level
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2021-06-18) Karman A.
    This research looks specifically at using the mobile application as a material resource and how to prepare and manage the grammar lesson at the intermediate level, at the secondary school. This dissertation presents practical tasks aimed at developing grammar skills. The main goal of thіs study is to identify effective tasks that can be performed with the help of mobile devices as well as with the “Learning English grammar tenses” application.