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Impacts of youth unemployment on the economic growth. Kazakhstan as case study
(2018) Kadyrova A.
Youth unemployment isone of the central issues not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the whole world. It might negatively affect every aspects, dimensions and directions of our life. The present work is aimed at investigating the relationship between youth unemployment and economic growth of Kazakhstan. Real GDP rate was taken as the measure of economic growth and Okun’s law was taken as the basis of the study. Literature review on relevant topic was conducted in order to propose hypothesis. By conducting literature review, possible explanations and roots of youth unemployment were learnt. Statistical data on both youth unemployment rate and real GDP rate from 1991 till 2017 was carefully examined and tested via using Excel program. Regression analysis (Ordinary Least Squares) and correlation test were chosen as the research instruments to interpret the data. Similarly, a field survey was conducted on correlation between youth unemployment and economic development. Chi-square test was applied to draw appropriate conclusions from field survey. The results of the study, however, show that there is no significant relationship between those economic variables and our proposed hypothesis was rejected. This can be explained in terms of highly dependence of Kazakhstani economy on natural resources such as oil and gas. Despite the fact that correlation is not so high, some possible recommendations to reduce youth unemployment rate were suggested at the end of the work, since there are still thousands of young educated people who fail to get job after their graduation.
Franchising business in Kazakhstan: development prospect
(2018) Kuanyshbek A.
In this work, the unique information collected during the interview with people, which have a certain experience in the sphere of franchising is used. The interview has conducted about business by persons from the numerous organizations for understanding the effectiveness of the formation of this branch of business and a possibility of its improvement. According to a research, it is possible to tell that a lot of information about the company and its product and the analysis of a segment for a franchise influences efficiency very strongly. Moreover, a possibility of receiving the help from the state which includes parliament, akimats and also specialized funds such as "Damu", will considerably increase the interest for this type of formation of business model.
Effective brand management in sustainable business environment
(2018) Berdenova A.
This study reviewed the analyze of effect of green approach and brand awareness to customer loyalty in using green products or going green. The research was conduct in order to understand 1.How to develop a brand management in green environment? 2. Importance of green marketing management? In this research green approach and brand awareness are independent variables, and customer loyalty is the dependent variable, also there is mediation between customer loyalty and green approach, and mediator variable is brand awareness. To analyze my diploma work I use Quantitative research, and I surveyed 150 people. Likewise, my analyze includes reliability, multicollinearity, regression and mediation analysis. To gather the needed data we used a questionnaire which has 4 sections; the first section included general questions and demographic questions, the second section question related to green approach, the third part includes questions related to brand awareness, and finally, the fourth part includes questions related to customer loyalty. Questionnaires reliability was estimated by calculating Cronbach’s Alpha, and all of them showed acceptable results. In order test the hypothesis of the research I used regression. The results show that green approach and brand awareness has an impact on customers’ loyalty. It means, through this two independent variables companies can reach a strong customer loyalty if they started to think about sustainable development.
« Ways of competiveness rise at the “Air Astana” company »
(2018) Adilkhan A.
In this Thesis work the main factors that affect the strategies to increase competitiveness of national airline сагrier Air Astana. Despite the high prices for aviation fuel in Kazakhstan, the rate of unit costs remains competitive, which allow to increase the share in the segment of long-haul international air transportation. This is facilitated by its reputation of the airline with high quality of service in foreign markets. Aikline continue to work оп improving the services, including the introduction of Internet access on board and updating the fleet. The new type of airliners along with the Airbus Neo family already delivered, modern and low-fuel aircraft. All the steps we take will contribute to further improving the efficiency of business and improving the quality of the product. The main important factors for а cost-related airlines strategy аге, іn importance: route structure and mesh; type and characteristics of the aircraft; cost of labor and management quality. This comparison of airlines can help the decision maker when facing the need of defining priorities in reduction costs. Past decades despite the increase in air transportation and significant decrease in average operation costs, it is observed that airlines have low profitability. The liberalization of the markets and increase opportunities for competition diminishes prices, even when airlines face increasing costs. Considering that advantage in costs is an important strategy for carriers to remain in the market, this paper analyzes the main factors that affect the strategies to reduce airline costs.
(Қазақстан ғылымының дамуы мен келешегі жастар көзімен - 2018, 2018) Өсербай А.Е.
Халықаралық құқық нормаларына сəйкес əр мемлекеттің капиталын инвестициялауға, оның аумағында технологияны жəне өнімді басқаруды қолдана алуына жəне осы мақсатта шетелдік инвестицияларды қабылдау жүйесін қолдануға басқа мемлекеттің жеке жəне заңды тұлғаларын ынталандыруға құқығы бар. Шетелдiк инвестицияларға қол жеткiзу мəселесi қорғау мəселелерiмен тығыз байланысты екенiн ерекше атап өткiзу керек. Өйткені, шетелдік елде шетелдік инвестициялық жобаны іске асыруға арналған табысты (немесе өте табысты) іс-əрекеттердің құқықтық негіздері қабылданады. Шетелдік инвестициялардың қауіпсіздігін қамтамасыз ету халықаралық инвестициялық заңдардың басты мақсаттарының бірі болып табылады жəне сонымен бірге ұзақ уақыт бойы ең көп талқыланатын мəселелердің бірі болып қала береді. Бұл мақалада қазіргі заманғы құқық қолдану практикасын ескере отырып, Қазақстандағы жəне басқа елдердегі шетелдік инвестициялардың қауіпсіздігі мен əділ режимін қамтамасыз етудің негізгі тұжырымдамалары қарастырылады.