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СДУ хабаршысы - 2019


Abstract. As we all know bots, robots simplify human life. Now, as the age of technology, heaped robots are being created every day to make life easier for mankind. The use of robots has spread so that now almost every school has robots. People began to arrange robots fights, once it was just a dream, and now every region of Kazakhstan can conduct their robot fights. Today it is modern to use bots in web pages. They replace operators who needed rest, sleep, food, and so on. Bots, on the contrary, they do not need worldly desires. Messengers are messaging between users. One of the first online messengers was “ICQ”, where people could only exchange messages. Now in the market of online messengers is leading "WhatsApp". With the help of “WhatsApp” we can not only exchange messages, but also make video calls. Thanks to P. Durov and his team, we can now use both the bot and online messenger together.



messenger, telegram, bot, information, internet, СДУ хабаршысы - 2019, №1


Y.M. Kabdushev / TELEGRAM BOT / СДУ хабаршысы - 2019