Analyzing the method game-based learning

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2020 International Young Scholars


Abstract. This article discusses the benefits of using game-based learning. The purpose of the article: to provide a method that would make it easier for students to understand and accept the new topics at school and to remember the learned materials for a long time. Increasing the interest and activity of schoolchildren is an important part of the learning process. Motivating students is one of the biggest challenges for teachers. It is quite possible that the use of traditional teaching methods alone will cause indifference in students. Therefore, it is better to use active learning methods so that the lesson is not boring. In this regard, the use of game-based learning technology can increase the motivation of students to learn. Based on the research materials, it can be concluded that the game-based learning method facilitates students' learning and motivates students, allows them to work with classmates, i.e. increases the ability to work in groups, helps to overcome indifference to mathematics, creates a fun learning environment.



game based learning, motivation, 2020 International Young Scholars, №9


Kairat N / Analyzing the method game-based learning / 2020 International Young Scholars