Mathematics for Computer Science

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Kaskelen, Suleyman demirel university - 2015


Abstract."Mathematics for Computer Science" is a comprehensive course that explores the essential mathematical concepts and principles underpinning the field of computer science. This abstract provides an overview of the key components and objectives of the course. In the ever-evolving world of technology, computer science is at the forefront of innovation. This course seeks to bridge the gap between computer science theory and its mathematical foundations. It begins with a review of fundamental mathematical concepts, including algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, and logic. The course then delves into more specialized topics such as linear algebra, graph theory, probability and statistics, and number theory. These mathematical tools are crucial for solving complex computational problems, analyzing algorithms, and understanding data structures. Throughout the course, students will not only gain a deep understanding of the mathematical principles but also learn to apply them to practical computer science problems. The emphasis is on hands-on problem-solving, coding, and algorithm development.


Tutorial "Introduction to Mathematics" is designed for bachelors of specialities 5B060100 - "Mathematics", 5B010900 - "Mathematics", 5B050703 - "Information systems", 5B050704 - "Computing technics and programming technologies" and contains the following topics: Mathematical Logic, Sets, Relations and Functions, Mathematical Induction and Combinators, Number systems.


Mathematics, Computer Science, Algebra, Algorithm, Coding


Bagisbayev Karmak / Mathematics for Computer Science / Kaskelen, Suleyman demirel university - 2015