Does discussion have effect on students’ responses?

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2020 International Young Scholars Workshop


Abstract. Peer instruction teaching method has become an efficient learning strategy at all education grades. Peer teaching method developed by Eric Mazur can be defined as a technique in which participants actively participate in the education process by discussing in a peer group and helping each other in the group during the lesson. The aim of the present research was to investigate the effect of discussion in peer instruction techniques during the lecture. The application was carried out five weeks with 30 students in the first-course education mathematics students in an introduction to mathematical analysis lesson at Suleyman Demirel University in Kazakhstan. Concept test questions were asked to students during the lecture. We analyzed the answers of 32 multiple-choice conceptual different questions. We measured the data by using a ttest (p=.000). The results showed the discussion has a significant influence on the change of students’ responses from inaccurate to accurate answers as previous studies.



Peer instruction, active learning method, discussion, 2020 International Young Scholars Workshop, №9


Kaymak S / Does discussion have effect on students’ responses? / 2020 International Young Scholars Workshop