Microgreens: The Revolutionary Greens

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2020 International Young Scholars


Abstract Microgreens are vegetable greens and herbs that are harvested right after the first set of a plant’s true leaves appear. Many Plants such as broccoli, mustard,etc can be grown as microgreens – consumed right after the first two leaves sprout. However, one needs to be very careful when selecting the plants they choose to cultivate as microgreens.The recent study is conducted with the aim to pinpoint the growth of microgreens .Many of the existing studies proved that the greens are richer in micronutrients.As it is known that the micronutrient malnutrition is a common cause to many of the diseases the knowledge on these types of microgreens are needed as well.



Microgreens, Cultivate, Micronutrient, 2020 International Young Scholars, №9


Vineetha A / Microgreens: The Revolutionary Greens / Microgreens: The Revolutionary Greens