The Effects of using Geogebra on 10th-11th grade students

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2020 International Young Scholars


Abstract. The article presents new trends in teaching methods through the Geogebra program, which can be especially important for the future development of e-learning for 10th-11th grade students. Also, the article gives an idea of the various methodological frameworks with several features, examples for teaching mathematics at the level of 10th-11th grade students on an interactive and creative path. This article discusses the conclusions of the didactic experiment, where it was found that GeoGebra was used in the teaching of algebra, geometry, graphing, 3D, and more! Especially integrals, polyhedrons, volume, and surface area of geometric shapes had a positive impact on understanding and knowledge of students. Also, a survey instrument was used to elicit students' perception on the use of GeoGebra. Analysis of the questionnaire responses indicated a positive overall perception of using GeoGebra in learning about circles.



GeoGebra, teaching mathematics, the mathematics of 10th-11th grade students, creative environment, didactic experiment, circles, interactive teaching method, 2020 International Young Scholars, №9


Borambaev M / The Effects of using Geogebra on 10th-11th grade students / 2020 International Young Scholars