The role of repetition in learning math

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2020 International Young Scholars Workshop


Abstract. Mathematics is one of the most important aspects of school education. School mathematics is a meaningful, fascinating and accessible field of activity, giving the student rich food for the mind, connecting him with universal human culture, forming the most important personality traits.In learning mathematics, practice makes perfect. In the process of teaching math, the repetition of the studied material is given an important place. Properly organized repetition is one of the factors contributing to the intellectual development of each student, their achievement of deep and lasting knowledge. The need to repeat the previously studied material is caused by the very structure of the curriculum of mathematics. For example, students go through the curriculum topic: “Quadrangles” in 8th grade, but use it in grades 10-11 when studying the topics: “Surface of bodies of revolution”, “Surface area”, “Volume of bodies”, etc.To teach mathematics without repeating the material previously passed on every lesson every day, this means transmitting, retelling to students a certain amount of different laws, theorems, formulas, etc., completely not caring about how firmly and consciously this material was mastered by our pets; it means not giving children deep and lasting knowledge. Researches showed us that repetition is the main instrument of the study. Results of the analysis revealed that students exposed to repetition with variation approach had significantly higher achievement, conceptual understanding and improved retention.



math, repetition, learning, education, 2020 International Young Scholars Workshop, №9


Yessenbolkyzy A / The role of repetition in learning math / 2020 International Young Scholars Workshop