Globelics 2010 8th International Conference


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    Globelics 2010 8th International Conference. Making Innovation work for Society: Linking, Leveraging and Learning
    (Suleyman Demirel University, 2010) Smirnova Yelena Valerievna
    The worldwide competition for innovation is dramatically intensifying. This call for new approaches to innovation as well as great renewal capability from companies and nations. Some countries do really manage to be innovative in all spheres while others significantly lack innovation activities. A country's ability to innovate is directly related to its growth and development. The purpose of this paper is to investigate which countries have the highest innovation performance indexes, identify factors of their innovation success, learn weaknesses of Kazakhstan in innovation sphere and provide guidelines for improvement of innovation activity in Kazakhstan. It was discovered that Japan, Switzerland and Finland are innovation leaders. A number of weaknesses were identified for Kazakhstan among which are scarce investment in research in development, small number researchers and weak collaboration between universities, research institutions and business organizations.