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Suleyman Demirel University


Nowadays we have a lot of problems with ticket ordering. To order ticket we should go to bus station. There are long queues. First, you waste your time and money. That is the problem. It is so hard for people. To simplify this process we going to create th e simple, but useful service which get small time and money. This paper introduces the new Bus Ticket Ordering System, which called “BusZhol”. BusZhol is – Mobile and Web Application to order Bus tickets to all bus directions. Traveling is a large growing business across all countries. Bus ticket reservation system deals with maintenance of records of details of each bus and passenger who had reserved a seat for a journey. It also includes maintenance of information like schedule, rating and details of each bus. We observed the working of the Bus Ticket reservation system and after going through it, we get to know that there are many operations, which they have to do. It takes a lot of time, money and causes many errors. Due to this, sometime s a lot of problems occur and they were facing many disputes with client. To solve the above problem, and further maintaining records of items, seat availability for customers, price of per seat, type, rating and other things, we are offering t his proposal of reservation system. By using this software, we can reserve tickets from any part of the country, through mobile phone, via internet. This project provides and checks all sorts of constraints so that user does give only useful data and thus validation is done in an easy and effective way.




BUS TICKET ORDERRING SYSTEM, Olzhas Zholamanuly, МА., Begadil Serik, МА.