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2021 International Young Scholars' Conference


Abstract The relevance of the study is determined by the acute lack of additional training for teachers, which has found its niche in the educational process in Kazakhstan and in the world as a whole. The large-scale rapid transition of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a distance-learning format in connection with the epidemic threat due to the spread of COVID-19 revealed an urgent need for teachers to acquire and develop professional skills related to the organization and conduct of online training. At the beginning of the research, in order to determine the types of teacher's activities, it was necessary to identify and systematize the range of tasks in the framework of their professional activities. In this regard, we made a diagnosis of the professional difficulties and needs of teachers who completed professional development courses during 2020. The main task of diagnostics based on a questionnaire was to identify the dynamics of changes in educational needs and the choice of preferred forms of professional development. The reliability of the obtained results was ensured by a holistic systematic approach to solving the tasks and problems, the methodological validity of scientific statements, an analysis of domestic and foreign experience and practice of additional education, interpretation of the results based on the selected methods and personal participation in the creation and management of the center of additional education. Thus, the development of the legal framework, the need of teachers and administrative personnel of educational institutions for a free choice of forms of professional development guaranteed by laws create stable prerequisites for the wider involvement of legal entities of various forms of ownership in the process of providing electronic educational services. Therefore, from our point of view, the perception of lifelong learning in the form of refresher courses, as an impulse to improve the teacher and the pedagogical model as a whole is of particular importance.



refresher courses, lifelong learning, education, program, research, need, experience, distance learning, 2021 International Young Scholars' Conference, №10


Taikumanova M.A , Uteubayeva E.A / UPDATING THE PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES OF A TEACHER IN REFRESHER COURSES / 2021 International Young Scholars' Conference