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СДУ хабаршысы - 2021


Abstract. The process of developing interest in learning is especially difficult for students experiencing academic failure. These failures represent a psychological barrier to the formation of interest, activity and independence. The main explanation for the success of educational institutions is the motivation of students to learn. If students are demotivated, it is very difficult for educational institutions to achieve significant success. Promoting student achievement requires the implementation of procedures and processes to closely monitor student learning activities. While important, due to the lack of good practice and sufficient technical support to support this practice, the activities associated with this dynamic process are not being carried out in many educational institutions. The implication of this study is that it is important for school administrators to know the level of motivation of their students in order to take measures to prevent the decline in student performance. Teachers may need to be involved in developing teaching methods to meet the changing expectations of today's learners. In this research work studied motivation measure method. The Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) method was used to measure student motivation. It was attended by 318 students registered in the LMS system Of these, 263 are girls and 55 are boys. Cronbach’s Alpha was used to assess the internal consistency of the motivation scales. The alpha values ranged from 0.74 to 0.83.



education, self-determination theory, academic motivation, СДУ хабаршысы - 2021, №1


Zh. Abdimaulenov / STUDY OF STUDENT’S ACADEMIC MOTIVATION SCALE / СДУ хабаршысы - 2021