Hands, as the most dexterous part of our body, are of vital importance to our everyday life. However, since hands are extensively used in nearly all tasks, they are exposed in more dangerous environment than any other parts. Overwork, injury and geratic complications, such as stroke can all cause hand function, totally or partially, which directly diminish the q uality of life. Unpleasant effects caused by trauma and overwork to hands results with immediate hand rehabilitation. Trainings for patients’ rehabilitations are normally goes in rehabilitation center in hospitals, with getting some physiotherapy for han ds, making some exercises and etc. However all this may bore patients and not to motivate to sooner recovery. The Leap Motion controller is a small device that senses consumer gestures and is aimed to enlarge a user’s interactive experience with their computer. Using infrared sensors, it is able to collect data about the position and motions of a user’s hands. This allows to use leap motion in different purposes like development of children’s intellect, having fun with playing virtual reality games and etc. One more example for effective usage of such device is in the purpose of medicine.



Leap Motion, Machine Learning, Unity3D, Modeling, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Computer Vision


ADAPTATION OF GAMING PROCESS TO IMPROVE HAND REHABILITATION, Alimanova M.O., 1PhD, assist.professor, Kozhamzharova D.Kh., MSc, Zholdygarayev A.O.,Teacher assist, Meraliyev M.M., Teacher assist