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Suleyman Demirel University


Why physics with robotics? Two reasons - inherent to robotics is measurement and actuation. In other words, in order for a robot to interact with the world, it has to investigate and do something with that investigation. It has to apply what it has "learned". Therefore, we can say that inherent to robotics is investigation and application. The same is true for physics education. In classroom, I encourage my students to investigate and apply what they have learned to something in the real world. Robotics gives us these two aspects of physics education in one very well connected package. Throughout this work, I will try to explain about opportunities to use robotics in classroom for investigation and applied physics projects. These are not, however, the only reasons we use robotics in our classrooms. Robotics is engaging, promotes creative problem solving, encourages students to represent their ideas in the real world with a precision system, provides excellent feedback and finally, robotics can be easily connected to knowing and learning a great diversity of physics concepts and skills. Why LEGO® MINDSTORMS® based robotics? Combined, teachers around the world have more than 15 years of experience with this system. I have used the MINDSTORMS system the most. I have found it to be an affordable, durable, and flexible solution for our project needs. The core of my ideas will work with most any sensor/motor based robotics system. Whether it is LEGO based or not, robotics is a great hook in a classroom environment, engaging reluctant and enthusiastic learners. Teachers will see that these systems provide students with exceptional feedback, helping them to develop their ideas and successfully tinker with physical phenomena as they endeavor to take on various science and engineering challenges. Furthermore, teachers will see that after class has ended, they still have students in the room. Students do not want to leave. They are having a great time challenging themselves and they are often so proud of what they have made that they bring friends later in the day to see their creations.



physics, robotics, LEGO MINDSTORMS, school education, experiments, demonstrations